Tuesday 21 February 2017

On the Astral Plane : A satire | 27th February, 2017 at SPICE WORLD MALL, Noida Sec-25A

Monday. 27th February from 8pm to 9pm 

AUDI- 5 at Spice World Mall, NOIDA Sector 25A

About the play: 

Written & Directed by Ms.Kanu Priya, ‘On the Astral Plane’ is a satire on the nouveaux spiritual lifestyle which is becoming a fad in the society. It is the story of a very successful businessman Raghuvender Rathod, a self-made man and his wife, Romilla Rathod who has travelled from being a homemaker to a kitty party socialite and now an amateur Angel Tarot reader. Raghuvender is appalled by the involvement of each of his family members in some or the other New Age Spiritual modality be it; his sons who are Osho Swami and Chakra Healer; his mother (Rani Devi) who is a Sai devotee and even his maternal uncle (Ramendra) who is an astrologer. He is amazed as he finds their household servant, Ramvati is also involved in Ramdev’s yoga. Problems start when Romilla’s first client of the tarot reading asks a question which her Indian mindset does not permit. 

The play is all about understanding the impact of these spiritual modalities in a normal upper-class household setup.

This play will make you laugh in your seats as you contemplate the truth within their fa├žade.

*For tickets, contact: +9818584145 
(available on bookmyshow shortly.)

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Friday Book Club in Noida | Actor Unveiled Initiative

Picking up a book, lying on my stomach with a bowl of popcorn or namkeen - is what I need to get back to the most relaxed and beautiful time of my life. Till today, this one activity is what I need when I want to disconnect from the world and create something new.

What's around us is the World created by us but imagine getting into someone's World, as a mere spectator but getting involved in all the aspects of that world!

We are a nosy bunch of people, who love to get into other’s stories. 

So, I invite you this Friday and every Friday to have the privilege of entering the Worlds of renowned Hindi/English writers, to have the simple pleasure of reading a story and knowing more about new characters. Also, after reading the story, we can chat, gossip; discuss the lives and characters of the story, which we enjoy the most.

So for the simple joy and pleasure of reading and celebrating life stories, I invite you to our Friday Book Club for an enriching live reading of a story and discussion with mandatory chai - mathi

Monday 18 July 2016

Why is Theatre needed ? ::: Play , Act, Emote

We all are emotional beings. We run on emotions. We function by our feelings. And the sad reality is that in this world of competition, success and ambition; the purity of our emotions is getting corrupted or worse fully disappearing. 

Everything. Every action has a list of agendas behind it. Teachers are teaching for results. Students are studying for marks. Corporate leaders are in this blinding race to gain power. The artists are working for their Facebook likes, wishing, praying to hit 'virality' one way or the other. 

Where is the emotion? 
Where is the community feeling? 
Where is the purity of the action? 

We are popping pills for anxiety , for blood pressure, 23-year olds are having cardiac arrests! 
But where will you find the medicine for isolation? The cure for over-ambition? The solution for the constant fear that is existing in the society? 

We are offering a place to unwind; to free yourself from the tags of your profession, your duties, your relations and reconnect with the inner child existing within you.  

Every Sunday, for two hours, leave behind your worries and meet people from various  age groups , from different walks of life . 

Play with them. Make friends. 
Add emotions back to your life. 

We all at Actor Unveiled, welcome you with open arms and smiling faces.